Friday, March 8, 2013

whats new

Whats new?
I feel like the last month has kind've been a blur for me. It's Harrison's end of year contracts, and he gets assessed by a lot of people and we fill out new paperwork for the entire year..for both school (puff) and therapy (fscd). Someone is always at my house. And While I'm very grateful He has all this help.. I kind've long for the day where I can chill out with just me and my kids in my house alone. By the time 5 o clock rolls around I just want to be alone...
I'm trying to do as many things with coco as I can before she starts school in september. 
It's my one on one time with her and I love having that time.

she helps me run to fabric land at least once a week. The post office ladies let her in the back to play with boxes while I checkout and fill out customs forms....We've had some fun adventures lately going to markets and coffee shops and the disney store at least once a week. I think she thinks thats what disneyland is...

all the kids are starting swimming lessons..
The 1st day with coco in swimming lessons was a nightmare.. she was ok for the 1st 10 minutes then went nuts...she thought it was ok to just play with whatever she wanted, and she has a hard time listening to anyone but me. stubborn little I basically had to walk into the pool with my clothes on grab her and sit her on the side of the pool to have a little time out chat sesh...super fun... I was livid...granted she just turned three and the rest of the class was 5 year olds..but I was still angry she knows better.
I'm trying to explain that we have to wait her turn and stay by the wall.. Which she should know we play taking turn games every day in therapy sessions with Harrison... I hope repetition will just help her get used to it. I have a feeling because we go swimming a lot..she just thought oh thats what were doing at the pool...why do I have to stay here....This is a hard age...And I feel like her defiance is wearing me down thin....She better get a daughter just like her full of fire! My mom tells me acacia used to be like coco is..and look how acacia turned out.. the most loving sweet person ever...we can only pray...
 The boys have been doing great at school and I'm excited to put them in gymnastics. Swimming for them is going great. They are such little buddies. I went on a field trip to the soccer centre 2 weeks ago, and was just amazed at how much they just love to run and race each other.It was literally 40 minutes of me racing them both back and forth I was exhausted by the end..
 Winter is hard in our house. I want to be outside as much as they do... I live on my deck in the summer. But It feels like winter will never end. 
Thanks heavens disney is next week...or I might flip a lid.

In other news I got called back into young women's. After a 2 year stint as primary chorister.
I was very excited. I love the young women's program and have many great memories and experiences from serving in previous wards. Some of those girls really touched my life and I'm excited to get to serve them.

In my spare time at night I've started a new bridal line for my etsy shop...
It's so theraputic to go make something out of nothing. 
And who dosnt love a little color added to their day.
The mermaid silk that I order online is my favourite color to work with its two toned and just shimmers in the light. absolutely beautiful

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  1. Haha, I feel your pain when it comes to all the assessments etc... This is my "calm" week, next week we have an appt or an assessment or preschool or an aide every single day and I'm excited for it to be over so we can enjoy Spring Break with no interruptions to our own routine.