Tuesday, March 26, 2013

boys first time to california adventure and disneyland

This trip was something I will never forget. And I have to thank melanie soo much for watching coco. It would've been so crazy trying to manage all three. And for that I can not thank her enough. It's so great to know I have people in my life who are willing to just love me that much. I am truly touched.

Brandon and I have been wanting to take our kids back to disneyland for years.... Ive always been a crazy disney person...I love fairy tales. My mom and dad had this huge book of them they used to read to me and I also really really adore greek mythology. Anyways I love disney and Brandon proposed to me there so its eve more of a special magical place to us.

But I wanted to wait until they could actually go on the rides 42 inches people...thats the magic number..the only ones they couldn't go on were the big rollercoaster in california adventure and autotopia.

 We got bumped off our flight because our plane had mechanical issues and they had to downsize to a smaller plane..so that was a bummer...so we had to fly through kelowna to get there..its a teeny airport..thank heavens for the I- pads and those rolling walkways-they were pretty entertaining for the boys... we finally got to california around 9 p.m rented a van- which was cheaper than a car and drove to anaheim.
We stayed at the Howard Johnson hotel.. people it was fabulous.. the pirate ship splash pad is amazing and theres a hot tub right there so you can sit in the hot tub while you watch your kids play safely...AMAZING! they also have a separate big pool, which we spent hours in with the boys. My boys love water. It's also walking distance to disneyland and california adventure. And my 4 year olds could do  the walk. I highly recommend that hotel for people with little kids. We ended up getting the 4 day park hopper pass which lets you transfer between parks.. I liked having that option...We ended up spending more time in California Adventure...But it was nice to be able to have the freedom to go back and forth as we pleased. Wed usually get up early go to the park until about 3-4 go home and swim /rest and go back for the night shows around 6-7.

My parents decided to come with us kindve last minute and It was so fun to have them there. The boys loved being with meemah and papa. It was also super awesome because... at least they told us... they were tired around 6 so they let Brandon and I go back into the park alone to do the scary fun rides 2 of the nights. One night we left the fireworks a tad early and ran to splash mountain..NOBODY IN LINE..then to haunted mansion..no one...pirates none..indiana jones nobody.. it was magical and I think Brandon got a natural high from it so awesome. Thanks mom and Dad 

Also one thing I have to say that made a huge difference to us was the guest assistance pass..We brought Harrisons diagnosis letter to city hall and they gave us a pass to go through different entrances so Harrison didn't have to wait in line.. that was amazing for us! I know he could have done it..it just would've been hard. We debated for a long time whether we should use it. We want him to learn that he has to do things like others and wait in line...But in this instance it wasn't about his therapy...it was about him having fun and celebrating his hard work....and letting him have a break from all the things I make him do daily. We've worked really hard on prepping him for this trip From controlling the input of noise his body feels, to his eye contact, facial expressions speech...interacting with peers, And more specifically being able to leave a store without getting something like a car every time we go and having a melt down. And I'm happy to say those hundreds of trips to walmart where he freaked out paid off. He put things back when I asked him too.. and disney is surrounded with cars stuff.. so I know it was hard for him. I was sooo beyond proud of the work we both had done to get to that point. I felt like texting his ot and going He's DOING AMAZING!.. It felt so normal and so happy. not one meltdown the whole time. Yes bits of whining or tired fighting with brother ..but that was all normal..

And as I looked at some of the lines I was humbled and so grateful that he didn't have to wait with all the people and loud noises. He told me later he really liked the quiet rides. It was very beneficial to him. Thank you Disney for giving him the opportunity To not be too overwhelmed. I could see pure joy in his face as we walked into radiator springs. Best feeling ever...period...it was real to him...

 Brandon and I at the pier its one of my fav spots in california adventure
World of color was amazing I loved it! Go see it! esp if you love disney music...tip get the fast pass for world of color its by grizzly bear river run-- it gets you better seating for the show we got our pass around 3 when we left to give the boys their mid day rest- cause you can only have one fast pass at a time. We also didnt want to use the wheel chair section as obviously my kid can sit and stand. so the reserved pass for world of color was great I could pick a spot away from a loud speaker. Harrisons not horrible with noises.. but I can tell if it's been a long day he's not the best at sensoring out the big bass of music sometimes
 I was amazed at the details of Cars land.. it was adorable and dead on!
 2 very happy boys Harrison would not stop touching and hugging the car.. and the people were so nice .. I told them about his love of cars.. so they let him stay and talk to mqueen.. it was tender to just see him so excited
 Best brother best friends-- thats for sure- these boys were so excited together and watching them interact with each other was a highlight for me of the trip. They'd talk in the van...that didn't have a tv...amazing what can happen when you take the screen away.. I'll be disabling mine in the van now except for long trips...
 flos v-8 cafe
 meeting mater also awesome- Greyson was more excited about him
 greyson went on almost everything with Brandon they are inseparable buddies
 we rode this 3 times...its the coolest ride ever and so real- the red rock is amazing it's fast and the characters look just like the movie...you even get spray painted at ramones go tractor tipping and get your tires changed- super cool ride..the fast passes run out fast though so if you want to do it..get in that fast pass line first thing- the line may seem long but it goes fast. Right when you get into california adventure get in that line
 every morning the boys would wake up and go.. ITS SUMMER AGAIN...I laughed till my sides hurt. I feel your pain buddies
 Disney jr stage=amazing things fall from the ceiling like gold coins bubbles snow and streamers-my boys love jake and the neverland pirates and were thrilled to meet jake. We ate at a great hot dog place right next to the stage..great for picky eaters!

 Both boys loved the Ferriswheel! they loved looking out over the whole park and pointing stuff out that was on the maps..oh they loved the maps..just like their daddy
 disney trip is never complete without mouse shaped ice creams and churros!

 someone got tired and we carried him home asleep 2 days...

 Dumbo was one of Greysons fav's he loved making it go up and down.. he also really loved the rollercoaster in toon town and the jellyfish ride in ca adventure
 both boys loved tarzans treehouse.. I also love it...I loved it more when it was swiss family robinson..cause thats one fo my fav movies.. but its pure fun! and I love green plants everywhere
 This is where Brandon proposed to me.. by snow whites wishing well next to the castle..I love snow white... its just such classic disney.. the boys made wishes and through them in the fountain they loved that the well sang back to them.. this was a cool moment bringing them back here
 Jungle cruise- best ride ever!

 Harrison really liked this ride because it was quiet.. Greyson liked it because it didnt have zombies...we took them on the tower of terror..maybe not the best idea...oops parenting fail..greyson kept telling my dad..papa tower a terror is closed...smart boy didnt want to do it again lol
 bugs lad was deserted first thing in the morning- when everyone else was in cars land( if you go to cars land at dusk they turn on the neon..lots cooler than mid day) we were the only ones on the rides and the boys loved them!
 luigis tire ride super fun!

 my boys love phineaus and ferb.. they have a dance party that comes by and harrison happend to have his little guys out and hineaus noticed and came over and shook tiny phineaus hand...then harrison made his guys dance like the big ones- sooo sweet..greyson started doing his adorable break dance moves and they let him come up and dance!

 umm sooo cute the cozy cone serves drinks in cones! had to get these!
 pulling the sword out of the stone..greyson tried soo hard it made me laugh
 happiness all around me
 I loved cars land... Loved it!
 tea cups are also a classic must do
 Greyson decided to make his own light saber for his brithday prize from meema and papa..he really loves to build stuff...must take after his grandpa
 our special spot

 caught them watching the fireworks for the first time.. it was magical...Greyson especially loved them
 Happy Birthday Boys!- ok we celebrated a week early- but they got cute special pins and girls would tell them happy birthday in the park and greyson would wave and give them thumbs up- so funny! Harrison went around saying he was 5 to everyone he saw
 comparing buttons making sure they got the right names

 We even found a cupcake shop in ca adventure...and we sang to them....I think they loved it! And man everything at disney tastes fabulous
 Last day at the park and we run into these guys on main street.. PERFECTION...My kids love mickey and minnie.. they watch mickey mouse club house. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY KIDS.
 Harrison loved this hat and wanted to switch his cars mouse ears for perry the platypus- there were so many people wearing perry stuff I was kindve surprised..but thought it was awesome I love agent p!
 tractor tipping in radiator springs
 Found a vendor who let me hold the baloons for a picture Ive wanted to do this shot for ages! Made my day!
Going to the mad hatters is a tradition.. everyone needs a hat their first time with their name..the boys decided on cars ears but these were close seconds


  1. How fun! I just smiled the whole time I read this post! Such fun memories!

  2. What a wonderful magical vacation!! It sounds like it was perfect for your boys and you as well :) I have plans in the future to take my girls, I know it will be a magical place for them, how can it not be?!

  3. I love this!! I'm so jealous! You look amazing, and your little family is so freaking adorable. I'm glad you had such a great time!