Tuesday, March 26, 2013

seeing my old roommates

my old roommates/bridesmaids...aka helped Brandon and I meet... cori and emily drove up from sandiego to see us. I was so touched they would do that for me. We ate at this lovely restaurant in downtown disney that served cajun food. Delicious-it had space heaters and looked like a new orleans hotel. We even got seated on the balcony. incredible evening with some of my best friends catching up...you know the ones where you pick up right where you left off.. even if you don't see them in a while... so refreshing...Ive said this before but I feel like thats what heaven will be like..just surrounded by everyone who means a lot to you...talking laughing and enjoying life...I had a great evening and so did Brandon. We rushed back to the park just in time to watch fantasmic- Peter Pan is my favorite part of that show.

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