Saturday, March 30, 2013

Huntington Beach Pier

I don't know what I can do to sum up this part of our trip as much as I love disney this mightve trumped it. Our last day we spent the day at huntington beach. I love the little coastal town feel to this place. Brandon and I came here the day after we got engaged and I feel in love with it then.. we even saw dolphins out in the ocean amazing!  I love The shops, smell of bonfires volleyball games ocean people with guitars singing everywhere. I just loved it all. It made me wish that I could stay there forever.

We let the kids get there feet in the ocean and they got brave and jumped in.. It was so care free and simple.. and I just loved it... we made sand castles buried each other and brandon took some pics of me..which i will treasure...Im always the one behind the thank honey these mean a lot to me. It was a my heart is so full of love and happiness kind've moment. I'm glad I live in calgary because when I go to these places they mean so much more to just be outside. I was so greatful for the sunshine. I felt so blessed by my heavenly father on this trip. Its exactly what I needed. We walked up the pier when it got colder saw some awesome vintage cars looked out the magnifiers..and got an ice cream at ruby's on the pier. Perfect perfect we loaded them back in the car we stopped at in n out..yum and drove up to the newport beach temple... and watched the was beautiful and one of those life moments I will never forget. The boys were happy and peaceful..and I just felt happy...
huntington is one of my favorite places in the world
enjoy my wayyy too many pictures
(oh and Ive had some people ask where there hats are from they are isadorakids on etsy)


  1. it was warm on the beach with the sun shining on us. The lifeguard station said the water was only 58F and we thought the pool at our hotel was cold and it was 80F!

  2. crazy how much your kiddies are growing up! They all look right at home at the beach, even if it was super cold. :)