Saturday, May 21, 2011

update from the johnsons

Don't worry I havn't stopped blogging.. I'm literally just saving posts for when we move to the new blog...and I'm also launching one for my esty anything related to hair accessories bridal stuff will be on the new one. We've had lots going on the last couple weeks..talking to fscd workers brandon's 30th birthday.mothers day...lots of good stuff to come..but for now enjoy a picture of our bike ride from  today we went all the way from our house to grandmas house in sundance and back..mega big hills people..but it feel so nice to be outside..finally feels like spring and the grass is green! We literally go on a bike ride every day. I think canadians apprecite summer so much nobody ever stays inside in the summer -anyways..Brandon and I can hardly walk...and greyson fell asleep on the way he not a sweetheart? Harrison and chloe' love going down the hills..he will yell for brandon to go faster! That kid had need for speed. Maybe he'll be a pilot one day.

1 comment:

  1. HAHA so cute! I have been DYING for you to start posting again!

    I remember going on long bike rides with my parents when we were younger, so sad more families dont do that anymore. We used to ride ALL The time. They were awesome!!!

    We will have to get us some bikes!!Great job guys.