Friday, May 6, 2011

I know I havn't posted in a while.. I'm saving up posts

 I'm saving up posts for the new blog thats currently under construction coming soon but for now enjoy some pics of my cuties.. we went for a walk yesterday and I decided to take some pictures with my new camera I got for my birthday from johnson. I've wanted a dslr for years I'm fascinated with good photos and I wanted to learn how to take them how to compose them and edit.  So Now I can finally explore the subject that interests me so so much.. 
What a great release that I have needed! I find I deal with stress by staying busy. The sun has helped so much in my attitude and overall thought process. Maybe we need to move to California.. 
I can only dream. It's my favorite place ever. If I could live in disneyland I would. No like seriously I've had this dream about hiding in the top of the castle and everyone goes home and I have the land of magic all to myself... How awesome would that be!
 I'm hooked. How Lucky I have such great subjects to shoot.
Can't wait for my photography and editing classes



  1. you have beautiful kids! so excited to see what pictures you take with your new camera!

  2. those are great pictures bree!

  3. So cute!! Chloe is growing so fast!