Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hanauma Bay!

our day trip to...
Hanauma Bay

Panorama of Hanauma Bay
This is a national Park preserved by park officials so it is fullllll of coral and bright fish and they are everywhere! So beyond beautiful. I loved it. Great life experience. My favorite fish was about 3 feet long and was rainbow colored everywhere! I wanted to take it home just to look at it all day. I could  not believe how friendly the fish were- they'd come right up to you. You watch a movie before going in on how to preserve the reef and that they don't like you to touch- lol- anyways this was amazing do it if you go- and rent snorkle gear- its wayyy better than packing it. I'm glad we did that

We went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay during the last couple days of the trip. Let me first say that It is a very wise thing to put sun screen on your lower half if you are going snorkeling Ill let your minds think about that- yeah I never ever burn- but apparently if you go snorkeling all day and don't put sun screen on and your backside is out of the water you get the idea...My but was soooo burned I could hardly walk that night- we went to target to distract me from my sunburn and I had to ride on the back of the cart while brandon pushed me- pretty hilarious now- not while I was in pain- oh man Never felt a sunburn Im so serious- THEY HURT!

cool shark sandcastle- they used coral for teeth made me laugh

yep were nerds- but nerds together
is the water not gorgeous!

This was actually the inside of a volcano 2000 years ago but it flooded and washed away the other side leaving the bay and all the marine life. Its a fav site for scuba divers also.


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  1. Ok so I'm still did your butt get burned underwater? Were you skinny dipping? If so...we've got a trip to make together hahaha I am a fan of skinny dipping hahah