Saturday, September 18, 2010

Top 5 things we loved about Hawaii

They reminded me of Swiss family robinson- I wanted to climb them soo bad!
don't make me leave the palm trees!

2. How colorful everything is
I dress like my crazy 80s self here in bright colors and nobody thinks Im crazy!
I was super drawn to these surfboards they made me happy all week I loved the gradation 
and the color of them. Dosn't hurt that johnson looks studly.
I also loved this wall- 

And this one- there are murals everywhere- Its really cool to see artists point of view everywhere I turn.

3. The food! We ate at hard rock cafe chilis the cheesecake factory- had french crepes on the beach for breakfast, mexican probably every day. We also had the opportunity to attend a traditional Luau- we made friends with a couple from Ohio who had 3 little boys- It was a super cool experience I highly recommend it. If you ever go to Hawaii.  Entertainment while you eat- tiki torches everywhere- they give you fresh laes and The night show after is also fabulous. It was pretty awesome to see them take the smoked pig out of the ground eat out of pineapples. AND...The rice was so yummy tasted like coconut!
oh and my new fav place yogurt land! It was cute inside - and basically you can mix your own ice cream and toppings and you pay by weight which is cool that you can make your own portion sizes. I got tons of fresh pineapple on mine with chocolate cookie dough yummmmmmmm. We ate this by a little pier and we were the only ones there- it was so secluded and just refreshing/fun. We neeeeed this in calgary. I miss ice cream shops. Maybe because I worked in a dairy back home.

4. The beach - many hours of beach time doing.....nothing but playing in the waves
The waves in Waikiki are legendary. Powerful and fun- they broke my shoes!
We wrote notes back and forth to each other in the sand when one of us would go down to cool off- 
it was fun:)
5. Being together I think just being able to have fun together was the best part. Nothing to worry about. No kids that come before each other every day. It was super nice to stay out till 12- walk on the beach if we wanted too-sleep in- eat in peace-and cruise in our amazingly fun car! I loved just going on drives and walks at night and just talking -really that was probably my favorite part. 
More on our adventures tomorrow- 
right now I havn't slept in 24 hours and Im thoroughly 
exhausted and jet lagged from the flight home.
note to self-
 never book a flight in a turbo propeller plane again
I think brandon secretly likes that I squeeze his arm to death when we fly.



  1. HOW FUN!!! Looks like you had a great time, love the pictures! Side note, your hair looks amazingly thick and luscious! I'm happy you guys had such a fun time!

  2. sounds fun! I love the pics! I can practically smell a tropical paradise from looking at them!

  3. Oh that yogurt looks so amazing! Once a Dairy Girl always a Dairy Girl! I am so glad you got to have such an amazing time!

  4. Bree you look fabulous! And just so you know, we have a yogurtland on every corner here in San Diego, so next time youre in california, be sure to stop at one! Love!