Wednesday, October 6, 2010

4 out of 5 dentists don't recommend this...

Notice the bag that says brush and floss-what's inside?.....a butload of coconut mnms.... thats right thank you number 5 dentist for being amazingly cool! Ok you are cool....Dr Spackman but your staff is even cooler. They read our blog and M my fav receptionist knew that I love worship coconut mnms mnms and I only thought you could get them in Hawaii- she found that the candy store in nanton sells them- which after talking to her I realized I have been to that one!- I just went into the antique side- anyways she knew we were coming in for checkups later tonight- they always schedule ours late at night so we can go in together and its just easier that way. Anyways she got me mnms!!!!!!!! HAAA and I think its totally sweet  friggin hilarious that she the receptionist for the dentist  would get me candy....
and yes people I had 2 cavities! boo hooo :( oh well better start eating those mnms so I can go back and visit- I seriously look forward to going to the dentist- they are hilarious there-  and I get a night out lol anyways you rock Dr Spackmans office You rock M- Brandon and I love you.



  1. I am so driving to Nanton next week!

  2. You must be the only person I know who likes to go to the dentist! I'm glad you have such a great staff there to make your trip memorable :)