Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Ok so we've been behind on the blogging.. we know its been busy at our house...ward parties twins..potty training-teething- dont worry I won't tell you much about that. 

Just know I'll be excited when this phase in life is over. 
So heres an update from a couple weeks ago. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for  ward karaoke christmas parties and having that introduce us to Dafoes. They are some of our closest friends. They always make us laugh. I seriously laugh like a kid when were all together. We both get along super great with each other and each others spouses- and sometimes thats hard to find both. I seriously think Denton and Brandon were supposed to be brothers but there was a mix up in Heaven. So we've been friends for about 5 years now- before any of our kids were born wed have game night every week.  When we lived in our teeny apartments in Midnapore- Great amazing memories and yes... somedays I wish I could go back to very simple times.

Basically they are just great down to earth people who we will forever love with all our hearts.
ok Brandon says enough with the mushy schmag-Im going to get in trouble
sarah will appreciate it and so will steven! 
moving on for reals...

 So they know were weird and totally love the old spice commercials regular and BYU version... if you havn't seen them go look it up on youtube. We quote them all the time and Brandon can sound just like the guy ... no joke his impression is hilarious. So they say they have a present for us and were like you got us a present? they were like little kids on christmas ready to give it to us so this is what it was....


bahhh this killed me in sarahs handwriting!

and as if the card wasnt enough already.....

Movie tickets...we moved them obviously but is this not the coolest present ever- so much thought so much love so much personality. I'm keeping this card forever.
We love you guys.



  1. That is hilarious and really creative. I am impressed.

  2. Those commercials are sooo funny! We have enjoyed them a lot at our house. What great friends you have, I hope you enjoy your movie date.