Tuesday, December 7, 2010

did i mention this is what you could win?

pretty amazing shots eh? 
 And your family could win a photo session too if you come to my house tomorrow between 7-10
7 cranfield manor se- and anyone who wants to come and has said hmmmm I don't know you personally? thats ok! I love meeting new people- come anyways and bring a friend there will be a free treat for everyone who comes from my shop. intrigued yet?

also Ive had a couple people say they want to come but arnt sure if they can make it...thats ok- life is busy esp in december- if you order a headband or clip ect from my shop tomorrow- 
or message me with an order- I'll put your name in the drawing too.

so wear your fav dress the one that you always think is too fancy or a little weird- but makes you happy- put on some tights some heels and come get some cupcakes 
ok enough enticement-
but really its a night out its fun
and I need a little girl time!

heres a little eye candy preview
thanks to simply rosie photography 


  1. I've never wanted to live next to you as bad as I do after reading this post! I'm DYING for some girl time and that sounds like a GREAT night. I know exactly what dress I'd wear...some day...

  2. Sorry I missed it, your parties are legendary!!

  3. Oh sad I didn't read this until now! I would have LOVED to come!!!!!! Hope it was great!