Saturday, December 11, 2010

10 random songs on my i pod

I've often been told I have a weird taste in music I love things from the black eyed peas to charlotte church.

so enjoy some of my fav songs

1-Why not by Hilary duff- love this song my favorite line you always dress in yellow when you want to dress in gold instead of listening to  your heart you do just what your told- huge line to me-made me almost find myself a couple years ago.
2- Dani california- and boulevard of broken dreams by green day this song reminds me of the day I got engaged- it was on the radio and we just happened to be in california- it reminds me of my great california roomates and how that was such a happy time in my life they also played them non stop on the radio that summer. and dong about california makes me happy.
3-toto africa- this song reminds me of my parents- i listened to it growing up- and i just love the rhythm and feeling to the song- it's a great dancing song-one  used to turn the lights of in the 
studio and dance too.
4- coldplay speed of sound- I adore adore this song and I love coldplay- it reminds me of taking engagement pictures- and the slideshow travis gugelman of gugelman photography did for me- my roommates and I sat in a room and looked at pictures while eating brownies it was so fun watching those river pictures up on the screen.

5-Eleanor Rigby- ok I know this is a sad song but i love it because it reminds me of being in chamber choir- we did an arrangement of this piece that was so cool. I'm an alto and for literally the whole song we sang du du du as background but it was such a super cool sound- and actually a lot harder than it looks to perform on pitch.

6-banana pancakes- jack johnson- this song reminds me of brandon- he introduced me to jack johnson- and this just reminds me of what a relaxed guy he is.

7- champs elyees- joe dassin- if you want a cool french song- this is the first french song brandon showed to me and when we were married and were in Paris- this song played everywhere- it reminds me of being so in love and carefree. Itsa bright cheerful jazzy song. download it you'll love it

8-summertime- kenny chesney- is there any song that can make you feel more amazing - I love the power music has to make me feel better. This song also reminds me of 2004 and being in rexburg. I'm not a huge country fan but kenny Chesney melts my heart and I love that his songs are upbeat and happy- and soo descriptive. they bring back great memories. Also reminds me of my dear friend Kodie Murray and going to the concert with him and winning tim mcgraw tickets!

9-sheryl crow-steve mqueen- shes one of my all time fav artists- I love the funky indie vibe she has and the use of steel drums she has in her music- really i could live in the islands- i'd fit in there- funky colors braided hair sunshine.. yet I live in Canada..what the heck happened... oh yeah ...  a boy...

10-Ray of light- Madonna- I adore this song- if I ever need to get pumped up I put on madonna. When I was in Highschool My dance company did a number to this where we were all in black under black lights and eventually ray of light was a spotlight and we changed into white and danced in the dark with the black light- it was so cool and we had to practice forever so we wouldn't bump into each other on the dark stage. I still rock out to this song when I go running.


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  1. Bree! I wish we could hang out too!! I don't have a good camera, just a point and shoot. those pics are pure talent. ;) haha jk! Yes that skirt is from anthro! Come to Cali and visit me.