Monday, December 13, 2010

I made some socks last week

Yes I'm american and I call them socks not stockings....  or is that a utah thing?
I realized this last week when someone said something to me and I didn't get it. That happens frequently I'm still getting canadian lingo
gotta love how cheap felt is these were made for under 20 bucks and I love how they fit with my recently transformed living room. Mantle place coming soon...


  1. lol I think it may be a Bree thing, I've never heard them called socks before. That is cute--Great job!

  2. You inspire me! I've been looking and looking for the right kind of stockings to make and maybe next year I will finally do it :) Speaking of socks...I bought my girls new cheapy ones this year and as soon as we got home Gracie put them on like socks and wears them for the remainder of the evening, I think socks is very fitting :)

  3. I think it might be a utah thing. Super cute bree!!