Friday, January 28, 2011

my brothers keeper

Just wanted to write down something thats given me a lot of comfort the last little while. 
When Brandon blessed Greyson and Harrison.. I don't remember a lot of what he said but i do remember one line in each of their blessings
that greyson would be there for his brother to protect and be his brothers keeper
and that harrison would also be his brothers keeper in a spiritual way
They were best friends I'm sure
And knew they'd be there for each other before they came to us
It's very very tender to my heart
you can not break the twin bond no matter what happens

It's interesting how the Lord works
This week I've seen his hand in so much of what has happened to us.
Why I moved to Canada and Calgary
Why coco came right after the boys
Why I had twin boys
Why I have the friends I have

Did I mention I'm greatful.. so greatful for hidden blessings
I think it helps break through the sadness if I focus on that

 To think about what I'm greatful for and take it minute by minute knowing it's
 stretching me and although the workout may be hard sometime stretching makes it better
But at least now I have the tools to break into action instead of waiting for 6 months just wondering every single day. I can finally help. And that is a relief to have something to work for


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  1. You are such an inspiration to me and alot of woman out are so courageous! you are so thoughtful! you are so brave! I'm thinking about you and your's it a nice thought that we get our families forever??!!! Love ya girl!