Monday, January 31, 2011

feeling overwhelemed

I never realized how much it takes to get government funding
Im greatful it's there for us
we just basically  have  to have an assessment on everything about harrison.
and the cut off date is march 1st
so now we have to go back to all the assessment people and have them write a letter to say oh yeah the thing we did last week is still the same for after march 1st
why didn't they just have us wait a couple weeks!
now we have to pay them way tooo much to write a letter saying its the same
and this is more than one person we have to get a letter from
and after all this we arnt even guaranteed to get into the schools
were on a wait list
were paying to be on a wait list
I'm annoyed
I just want to get him help
and I feel like I can't

when does the strength come
it needs to kick in
im so tired



  1. Bree, you can do this. Just hang in there, waiting is the hardest part. An I'm no expert about Canada, but I know the US is a major pain in these situations. I know the process you are going through and there are so many hoops to jump through :( If you ever want to talk, I'd love to! You are such a great mom doing all this for Harrison, he's going to reap great rewards for what you are doing for him! Hang in there friend.

  2. the strength will come, BUT you will always be tired. It really is worth it though.

  3. There are ALWAYS some road blocks, and as frustrating as they are, just hold on to your faith that all will be well in the end:)

    You are a STRONG and BEAUTIFUL woman with a generous heart- the Lord trusted you and your husband with one of his finest spirits, never forget that. But at the same time love yourself, and take the time you need for YOU or you will get too overwhelmed by it all. Use your resources, friends, family, church, to ensure that you get some breaks in that you WILL need.
    Love ya girl.