Tuesday, March 1, 2011

He wanted me to eat with him

I made Harrison lunch today.... everyone else was asleep in the house 
So I make him his meal and go upstairs to clean up some toys...he yelled my name ran upstairs grabbed my hand and brought me downstairs where he made me sit in the chair next to him.
warmed my heart I cried He's never done that before he's said mamma but never really like 
Hey I want you to just come be with me.. 

Also great news today we got into a really amazing school called renfrew 
that is going to take both of the boys.. 
we thought they might only take Harrison.. they will be picking them up for me  5 days a week
wow what a huge blessing to me ! 
2 hours every day to run errands pull myself together be with coco
it's 5 days a week For Harrison Greyson will only go for 4 so Fridays can be greyson day..all of this is coming together so I feel like I have equal time with my kids Huge relief to me.. I want nobody to feel more loved than another or like they get more time ect

...it will be weird not having them with me all day every day
.. I'm having mixed emotions about it..
but I know it will be wonderful.. the boys will love playing and learning
they have this amazing sensory room for kids on the spectrum it's dark with little lights and colorful bubble tanks ect..this room is something they'd use to calm a child down with sensory problems..
They prob wouldn't use it for Harrison as his sensory stuff is really good but both my boys loved that room as well as the ball/tumbling room. They both didn't want to leave

 The teachers there are trained to work with kids on the spectrum  half of the class is typical kids.. the other half ones with speech problems learning disabilities..spectrum kids ect... 
The very thought that we have a place like this is hugeee..
So they'd work with harrison on his social skills and his speech those are the areas he struggles in

 I've heard of so many people that do this training by
 themselves because it's few and far between to find a place this awesome. 
Thank you Calgary! Thank you Alberta!

 And not everyone who applies gets in..esp if they are trying to get 2 spots
So today I am once again humbled and reminded that someone 's got my back
For the blessings this week. 
For the hope that came back to me today- 
that with all this work and amazing people we can help our child recover from his autism. 
Early intervention is huge!!!!!!!!
My heart is full to my Father in Heaven for taking care of me and my little family. 
Can you feel the love people! I feel like a crying hippie

 So full my heart is...
{sorry I couldn't resist the yoda within me}

 So greatful for hidden blessings in the midst of darkness.

And while some days it's still hard to wake up and remember
 That my life is now different I'm grateful I have resources many do not have



  1. What a blessing! I hope things get better for you, they sound like everything is falling into place!

  2. So glad they both got in! What a relief and ease on your mind!

  3. That is terrific news. Early intervention is the key to success. So sweet that he wanted you to keep him company at lunch.

  4. I am so excited that you are getting answers to many, many prayers. You are so amazing and I admire your positiveness. I saw you on Sunday and wanted to come and give you a hug, but then didn't see you after the meeting. Wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you and your family!