Sunday, March 6, 2011

a-z so my kids can learn about me

A-AGE: 24 I'll be 25 on March 20th first day of Spring I love My birthday. It was always springier in utah in March compared to calgary today it's -21 celcius brrrrr.

B – BED SIZE: We have a Queen- we're cheesy like to be close people.. It's cold up here people..but really we picked our bed out when we were first married I like that it's the size it is.

C-CHORE YOU HATE: Cleaning my floors.. they always have schmag on them...
next house we will not have hard wood- even though I love the look that or we're getting a rumba

D-DREAM JOB: a photographer or to Work for Kate spade's creative team.. being an editor for a magazine like style at home would also be amazingly cool.

E-ESSENTIAL START YOUR DAY ITEM: a prayer not even lying I don't make it through without lots of these- in the winter hot chocolate in my fav mug

F-FAVORITE COLOR: coral pink

G-GOAL IN LIFE: Be happy Travel the beautiful world
H-HEIGHT: 5'3"

I-INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY: Piano But I learned piano just to learn to sight read.. I'm a singer.. an alto


K-KIDS: Greyson Harrison Chloe'
side note there middle names spell dangerous
we originally did that with the boys so they could say dangers my middle name and when coco was born we thought we'd let her be part of the fun.. we always joke if we have another kid ever there middle name will have to be lee { dangerously} we're quirky people it's ok :)

L-LIVE: Oil city of Calgary home to 1 million plus- theres 2 feet of space between us and our neighbors.. we have a big backyard though.. and live close to so many cool city things to see and do

M-MAJOR IN COLLEGE: Business,Dance

N-NICKNAMES: Aunt B thanks nixon- lots of people back home call me breezy including my dad.
 Breanna is my real name but my roomates and Brandon in college called me bree and it stuck.
 I like the shortness and informailty

O-OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS:  4 nights when I had the twins. 2 when I had coco only surgery I've ever had we're my c sections.. and I loved them

P-PET PEEVE: christmas decorations up past February sends me over the edge

Q-QUOTE FROM MOVIE:  I am feeling very Olympic today, how about you? cool runnings-
  this show has cheesy one liners and always makes me happy


S-SIBLINGS: 4 amazingly talented sisters 3 brunette one blonde green eyes we don't know how she happened

T-TIME YOU WAKE UP: 7 am on the dot every morning I swear my kids have an internal alarm clock

U-UNDERWEAR: Depends on the day

V-VEGETABLE YOU DISLIKE:  I love veggies.. except green beans

W-WHAT MAKES YOU RUN LATE: twin boys and a girl my unorganized front hall closet

X-X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD DONE: dentist checkups

Y-YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE: I have to say I make a killer choc chip cookie and apple crisp

Z-ZOO, FAVORITE ANIMAL: Flamingos and owls I'm gonna be one of those old ladies with flamingos and gnomes in her yard because they make me happy and I'll wears crazy hats



  1. What a great idea. I'd LOVE to try those killer chocolate chip cookies sometime!

  2. Great idea! This will be fun for your kiddos to look back at and read some day.