Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Would you just walk already!

Coco loves her brothers.. and she's always trying to crawl 
after them but she's not fast enough

she'll be right by the door and they will close it on her and all I see when I rush to her are big blue eyed  alligator tears. I really do see a bond that she has with both of the boys. It's sweet. She is a huge blessing. There's something so special about this girl and I'm so greatful to be her mom.

 I feel like she's Harrisons personal cheerleader. Every time He says a new word and I clap...
because it helps to be animated 
she gets into it as well as Greyson and they clap for him too. 

Oh to have your own personal cheering section!!!

 Its sweet and helps me feel like they have his back and love him just as much as I do. And it relives some of the pressure on my shoulders.

 Lately  miss coco slides herself backwards on the hardwood and laughs at herself because she dosn't get how to crawl backwards it's hilarious. She still refuses to walk. I guess I'm just used to crazy twin boys. I should enjoy the crawling.
 Thank heavens for humor somedays.


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  1. Such a sweet girl! I feel the same about my baby, she's been crawling forever and even tracing around furniture forever. Walking? Not interested. How sweet to see the bond between Coco and her brothers :)