Friday, May 27, 2011

NEW BLOG and final post

as I watched oprahs last episode yesterday I was inspired...
Find your platform..listen to what the whisperings of the spirit are telling you to do.
You have a purpose in this life
As I sat and contemplated what my purpose here on earth was I thought...
 maybe it's to add a little brightness to peoples days..
...bring color into the world of sadness..
and show people that despite hard hard trials
 life goes on and it can be so beyond joyful if we allow ourselves to think 
positively and with an eternal perspective

That is exactly what the new blog is about.
And I hope I can touch people through our writing and projects.

We would all love it if you would subscribe to our new blog
It's a new fresh start for our new fresh life.

It's sad to see this blog go..3 years of writing. 3 years of intense memories
 I looked over old posts and I saw how much we've grown in the last 3 years.. 
and I can't wait to read some of these stories to the kids when they are bigger.. 
I also hope they learn lots about Brandon and I as people and not just as their parents..
Thanks for sharing in our memories our projects our dreams ect. 
and as the french would say
au revoir and merci.
-bree and brandon



  1. Oh, I am going to miss this blog so much......:(

    Im heading to the new one now....sniffle.

  2. Are you deleting the blog? I enjoyed reading the posts. The photography and party posts were great. I would still like to see it even if there will be no further posts.