Tuesday, May 31, 2011

English headpieces and what really happens at photoshoots

I was so enthralled with the royal wedding and the HATS that I decided to do a kids line of fascinators.... and a womens line for the fall. Something I could put my focus into..which is what I need right now why we are waiting for fscd help for the rara. 

I have to keep busy or I think to much and worry about the future..
Which I have found out this year I have 
Absolutley NO control OVER..
And it's all about living life in the moment. 
Which I have always tried to do.. Something I learned years ago.
But now I really do it.
I live in the moment.
you neevr know whats going to happen or who will leave you who you will meet what your day will be like. But if you do something every day that makes you happy.. be it buying a single flower and putting it in a cup by your bed..taking a really hot bath... putting on your favorite shoes inside the house
I guarantee you your life will change.

 anyways moving on, When my supplies came I felt like a kid in a candy store so many colors what do I make. I especially love my english veiling...did you know there are 2 types of veiling...
english has bigger holes and french has tinier holes..anyways..I've had a blast making these...I was also asked by a lady on etsy where I got my model who did the photoshoot in the yellow dress. I told her it was my daughter.. she asked if she could send me product in return for doing shots of coco with my hair stuff..so it was a rad deal for both of us!

                                Thanks to Josh Petersen I'm lucky enough to have him
 as familyNever have I had a cousin -in law that I think is so fun and interesting!
so Thanks innov8 photography for taking these fab fab pictures check out his
website here. And if you live in rexburg idaho,or calgary when he's here and need pictures..
he's your man for editorial high fashion shots. 
He's doing a sunglasses shoot next week I can't wait to see it!!!
 Here's where she started to get loopy..and all she wanted to do was roll on the furry blanket and cuddle it to death...she loves stuffed animals...crazy cause I can't stand them..but for her I allow a pet unicorn stuffy.
 yep we thought it was totally funny..so josh just kept taking pictures


I love the days where I just get to be girly with my girl. She was so cute walking around with the rug on  her shoulders cause she liked how soft it was. I am in love with the new cheesy smile. And I'm excited to list these new fascinators once the canada post office strike is over...PLEASE END SOON!


  1. Great photos! Love the bands and I hope that your strike ends very soon!

  2. haha coco was so stinkin cute! I'm glad i got to see you all for just a little bit. i hope we can make it up to see you again soon!