Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eye candy and artist inspiration

I love being part of the etsy that is how I met this amazingly talented photographer..
Her name is Rosie and she is the photographer for simplyrosie and she is also a canadian and a blogger.. She lives just outside of winnipeg manitoba.... I love her asthetic...because it has a vintage feel but still has saturated colors and cool crops...her feel for lighting is incredible. 
Here's a  couple shots she did of some bib necklaces.. 

  I love the use of props in her photos without it being "too proppish" I think it gives my work the feeling I want. Because when I make a piece I'm not just making a headband..theres almost always a thought or story as to why I'm making that piece at that time...Especially with custom creations I love to find out about the person what they are like..if they have a blog or pinterest board I'll look at it.. so I can see their style.  On These bib necklaces I wanted to catch one color out of the dark colors. This year has been tough on me and at the time when I made these it was my goal to look for the one bright thing that happened that day. And to count my blessings. It was hard to see anything bright.. Because the pebble was right in front of my eyes and I could not yet see the big picture. And thats where these pieces came from..when the pictures came back I wanted to cry because they have the exact feeling I wanted to convey.. to search for the bright. 
Because it does and always will shine through.

 Pink and yellow are my favorite colors latley and if I had to lean toward a palette it would be sunset colors.. I think I'm a warm girl. I can also tell that by looking in my closet.. I have a lot of reds pinks oranges and yellows.

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