Friday, June 17, 2011

catch the dots

I painted a chandelier yesterday and its hanging off one of the curtain rods to dry..I wake up this morning to squeals of delight....MOMMMY CATCH THE DOTS! PRETTY Catch it Harrison.... Catch it greyson! They were both trying to catch the prism rainbows from the light. It warmed my heart..because I remember being a kid and loving when my grandmas chandelier did the same thing and Id sit and watch for hours. It also reminded me of watching pollyana as a kid at my grandmas house..My love for Hailey Mills runs strong. Might have to see if I can download the old school parent trap. I love when they switch places. I I always wanted a twin. HOW fun is it that I get to raise them.

1 comment:

  1. I own the old school parent trap and a few other Haylie mills movies! They are on VHS so you might have to come over rather than borrow!