Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

 I thought in honor of brandon id write down some of the little things he did this week that make him so wonderful....because this is a typical week at our house...

Every saturday he lets me sleep in...Sometimes I'm awake and I can hear him playing with the kids in the other room..that right there is the best sound ever.

I love when he says hey lets get outside..he encourages activities in our house and I'm greatful for his spirit of adventure and how he loves a good day in the sun.

I love him for being patient when I've had all I can handle...Ill go take a bath and Ill come out and he's thought of some kind of contraption to keep them busy or he's watching the backyardigans with all three kids in his lap

He makes sure they pray every night

Every so often he'll just look at me and go we have the cutest kids I love them. Or when did you get so big who told you you could do that!?

He encourages me as their mother.. that I can do anything and he tells me all the time that I do a good job and being there mom is so important..Im greatful he tells me this because I don't hear it lots from the world.

I ove watching him play with them in the backyard toss them on the trampoline, swim with them, spray them with the hose.

It takes a special kind of person to be a father to twins and 3 kids 3 and under...I'm greatful that he is so willing to help me.  So good at being involved with them..And how he really has unconditional love for all of them and he always has..he's never waivered. Even in those moments of super chaos and stress.

So heres to my best friend and the best dad that a wife could hope for her children. Hope you enjoy your crepes Brandon usually makes these better than me he got lots of practice in I only attempt them on special occasions.. I love you

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