Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trying something new

I'm always looking for ways to make my shop unique..and not be like all the other rosette headband people on etsy.  Cause I started off that way.. and lets face it thats how you start.. you get ideas from others.. like my event teacher always said nothing is almost ever an original idea.. you learn things from others and tweak it to become your own.. and as you get more practice thats when the true creating begins.. I feel like I'm finally getting to that point.. where my shop is established enough I can start to take some risks.

I don't want to just make headbands and clips.. I want to do stuff that has some more meaning..original pieces..collections.. pieces for people that have big lifetime events happening.. I want to be a part of that..and im trying to stretch myself.. I saw these cuffs.. I almost never wear braclets but these spoke to me as being something different.. how about we try a new medium.. something more modern instead of frilly they also reminded me of my best friend.. she loves cuffs.. And I'm trying to appeal to a larger range of people.

So after my orders were done tonight and my kids were asleep the creating process began.. And I truly fell in love with the asthetic the texture of frayed folds against the smooth steel cuff.. I loved the contrast... I also didn't make one in pink..usually every creative piece I make has some warm color in it.. i tried going a different way with these...still did a yellow one because mustard is flying off the shelves! I like them quirky.. they remind me of glee a little bit...and it was fun to make something new.

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