Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Funny phrases and happenings

my daughter is one smart cookie let me tell you..she knows now that her bottle now means bedtime
..soo she'll say baba.. I go make her a bottle and I'll pick her up 
...it will be done and she'll squirm to get down..
wont take it until she's on the ground then I set it on the floor
..she looks around finally takes it and starts drinking...
"I'm downstairs my crib isnt down her I GOT AWAY WITH IT HAAAAA" 
So I pick her up we make the slow walk up the stairs she looks at me while sucking her bottle...I get to the top of the stairs she Pulls her bottle out and chucks it as hard as she can.. wacking me in the face then smiles.. I try not to laugh and cry cause it hurt!
..but  I keep walking..
it's nap time whether you have a bottle or don't baby girl
I get the bottle......
she takes it :) 
mom -1 coco -0

Last night we played what the boys refer to as "roar"We act like a lion and chase them.. 
THEY LOVE THIS GAME We played for about an hour last night and it was screams of pure joy and giggling as we threw them to each other..theres not a better feeling than holding both twins in your arms. The room is literally exploding with love. I think this is what heaven will feel like... 
We get small moments of your heart wanting to burst..and last night was one of them. 
then as I'm about to get both boys Harrison yelling save me daddy and greyson snorting from laughter
they sit with brandon and say
 Wheww that was close!

I have

And Both of Them said it almost in synch..weird I tell you But Hilarious.
I went to bed feeling extremely blessed for tender mercies from the Lord. Harrison is speaking so well. Playing more and more with us. So greatful for greyson being the best big brother ever.
 He follows that kid everywhere and makes him play!
 I think he's out of "his zone" which is a big breakthrough meaning he's more in our world dosn't want to be alone as much..he kisses coco all the time now. comes and wakes me up in the mornings! 
All great great things.
  I'm happy we can now start to teach him what he needs to know to thrive. I'm so proud of him. 
And you know what the one thing I thought I couldn't handle happened..And I survived and I'm learning more than I ever thought I would....And I'm happy again.

He's a little fighter and I know his mission here is to do something great with his life.
I'm just the assistant.
 Sometimes I think In heaven
( this is my own thought process based on my belief system)
 Harrison and I were the best of friends..When they assigned out what was going to happen in life and put us in family units and he got his list of this could be what happens in your life I like to think I loved him so much that I said Ill be there Ill be your earth mother.  And greyson was there saying the same thing begging someone for them to come together.
And Brandon and Coco were there and Said
we'll be there to help you with the responsibility. And to lighten the load.
 Because they loved me so much.
"cue group hug"
 I'm so beyond grateful for his blessings in my life..
and for being able to recognize them more than I used to.
I'm grateful He's helping me to be a better person.


  1. Ok, you made me cry when you talked about you and Harrison in heaven. It was really sweet. Not just the pregnancy hormones :)

  2. You really are such a awesome mom Bree. You are a thriver and your kids are learning so much from you. I'm so glad Harrison is responding so well to everything he seems to be doing awesome! Love you lots.