Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Canada Day

So Brandon always has to work on Canada Day because his job is based on the US Trading Stock Exchange..So we get US holidays off..not Canadian. Which works out for us Since I am an american. So this year they had some festivities earlier in the week.. YAY! So Brandon got to come and enjoy a holiday. We had a pancake breakfast played on the bouncy houses the playground and met up with some friends and aunt brooke and Jett Man...Then when all our friends went away for the long weekend we decided to still have our own fun at night when Brandon got home. So we got on our bikes..and took a ride around town..we stopped at the gas station and had a picnic with hot dogs and slurpies..then we went to the park. I love relaxing nights like these ones that make me greatful for summer. I love summer so much.

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