Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I realized

I realized today That I have so much to be grateful for..even though its been a tough year I'm starting to look at life so differently. for instance..I sat the other day visualizing that I was sitting at a desk writing a test....and there were some questions I knew some that were multiple choice and some that were hard essay questions.. The test started off with some hard ones then some easy multiple choice ones and just when I though the test was over i flipped and saw some essay questions on the back that Id been prepared for..but were still tough.

This year I've had an essay question..that has opened my eyes... I now look at life as this big test that I'm sitting down to write..and by dang I want to get an a. But I also want to enjoy every little second that I spend getting the answers right on the easy questions. Because I want to look back at my life and say that i thouruoghly enjoyed it. That I lived in the moment. That I was happy.
And what may seem like something tragic is just part of the whole process of taking this big exam. And can actually be invigorating if we can conquer it.

 Because there are great moments of happiness all around us all the time if we look at life like a test. I see it as it will only be for a short little while and My father in heaven is hoping I don't cheat..or give up. 
And in the end it's a big party to celebrate the end of finals.
 He wants me to pass.  

I'm so lucky to have Harrison. And my other kids. They are huge blessings..and they've made me a new better Bree. More understanding judgemental..

 I feel like Harrison has improved so much the past couple months. I feel huge blessings in our home. Therapy starts soon and I cant wait to see how he does hes a smartie that boy-with that and preschool 5 days a week. I believe we can help him recover.. or improve drastically. I have the faith..and determination to help him on his journey whatever it may be. And Im not going to look at is as sad I'm going to look at it as an opportunity to spend a lot of time one on one  with my son. playing..learning..we're going to make this a fun test.

I stopped reading books on aspergers..because it seems like everyone is so sad about everything.  guess what I get to write this story and were going to look at this as a blessing. and a gift of quirkyness.

as a side note if your child is on the spectrum as well
I notice huge differences if I give him dairy..So If your child has speech issues I say try taking them off casein. Its amazing what Ive seen in my son I've tested it ..days I give him pizza he wont talk much for about 2 days after. If I restrict it completely he is full sentences..pretending..ect. I feel prompted that He shouldn't have caisen in his diet. Gluten not so much.. dosn't seem to affect him as badly... each kid is different. So I use sparingly.We go to an allergist in July so that will be interesting. 
And Ill try and make that appointment fun as well.
It's all in the attitude
and personally I love lemonade.

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