Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Family Pictures

Family pictures are coming up in August with my sweet friends Wendy and Tyler from Blue Lily and Im on the hunt for outfits once again. I know it's something  not that important yes your kids are the ones that should be the focus  not the clothes blah blah blah ..But you know what... I think it's fun. It's fun to shop for coordinating colors ect. I enjoy it. I enjoy dressing them up. I love arranging their outfits every day. And I need a distraction this week.  So please don't judge me for caring this much about our pictures. I really find our family pictures to be art in my house. I know I'm insane But I feel like my family pictures are so important representing us at exactly that time..what we were going through. What our personality's are. Photography is an artform and I want to capture us...not just a posed snapshot.
your thoughts on this? is there a kind "type of photography you love"?

  I  do however need/want your opinion.. I'm either going to go the route of all colorful again just a mix of pattern and color...or my other thought was to have grey's yellows black and whites. The shoot will be in fish creek park instead of urban like last keep in mind there will be  alot of green background.

I have another idea to go along with our pictures like some small props  umbrellas to be exact...I have special meaning behind this hold but I can't order them until I know what color palette were going to dress in.

Do I use our couch? that thing is a beast to move..But I do love it..and think it would be a cute photo all of us sitting together.

I also thought some of us all on bikes would be cute like those old fashioned bikes?

These are the dresses I want to get chloe but depending on the color palletes I can change the colors around..I just need to know fast so she has time to sew it. I love that it looks like annie! which is your fav? what color would you choose?

Your thoughts....suggestions..HELP ME DECIDE


  1. So, that dress is darling!(the Retro Layla) Like seriously cute!
    I love it in this color:

    I say go colorful! I don't think you can ever have too much color.

    The couch sounds like a sweet idea, but that seems like a LOT to move!

    Good luck! Can't wait to see them! :)

  2. I love the red dress on the bottom photo! I love color too! I think the red with a cyan or tiffany blue would be fun. Im not as creative as you dear Bree!I can't wait to see what you decide!