Sunday, July 24, 2011

My fav lil spot

Since I was a teenager I've always loved Bear Lake In Idaho. Maybe it's because the beach is so nice..water sooo clear and blue or the elevation makes for just the best sun tan ever..It's just one of those places I can go and be relaxed.  It was so fun to be with my siblings and parents who I only get to see a couple times a year. play games at night when the kids were in bed relax..which I have so desperately needed lately to just do in no order my top  moments of the trip...
 Harrison me and Brandon flying kites on the beach..was definatley harrisons favorite activity..and he did it all by himself It was fun to see him get excited
 bucket rides with my dad and the kiddos
 good food cute jammies and tan kids
 water gun and marshmallow fights I think greyson held this one for a week after we got home
 greysons love for any vehicle and his need to drive it
 boys falling asleep sitting up on the boat after a long day on the beach
 cute cousins that followed each other everywhere
 kisses and hugs from neemah
 ickleville playhouse meladramas and dinner theatre..always always phenomenal..If you live in or around logan utah southern's so worth teh drive to go see this little show..small town shows are always the best...this guy starts wrote and directed the play..I love how he involved himself with the audience. Highly recommended in my book.

glow sticks..always make for fun nights when we want to be crazy..especially when you break them open throw them on your sister and run through sprinklers
pink and polkadot toes to remind me to relax and smile
this cheesball..i loved watching him drive this truck..trying to run over the seagulls with his brother
WHAT COCO ASLEEP? SOMEWHERE BESIDES HER BED! YEAH PICTURE WORTHY! This wagon was awesome for transporting stuff too and from the beach to the condo.
Hours and Hours at the pool any time you got hot. I miss outdoor pools so much in Calgary.
oh we are so sisters....we bought the same suits for our daughters....2 of the same ones..they have matching green and pink swimsuits..and we had no idea!..and we both bought navy blue polkadot swimsuits...I'm telling you I had a great laugh over this.
these 2 and the slide/waterguns..hilarious
more hours with the kites
little beach bum cousins in their matching suits..evia is so my niece...she steals peoples shoes and loves to try them on.
My grandpa watching us all out swimming...he came up for a BBQ. He's so amazing. and so funnny.. he has to wear a neckbrace ..but to make it funny he wears shirts that say..I do all my own stunts..ect... What an optimistic attitude and example to me. I adore my grandpa.
Watching this little beauty explore new things
little stud man posing on everything
what can I say she's my daughter loves her accessories

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  1. I loved looking at all your fun photos! Such a sweet little family and I can't wait too see you all this week!!! Eeeek Im so excited!