Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my new ruffle shower curtain

So I've been searching for a shower curtain for a while. Brown is out peeps.  I loved the ones at anthro..but the color palettes didn't quite work for my house so off to etsy I went...I found this shop  she is fab amazing amazing quality work. I was so tempted to get a rainbow shower curtain but practical me in my head was saying Bree your gonna get sick of that in 3 months.. .. I also thought..
  Hey I can add color in flowers and towels as the seasons change..but I still get my quirky black and white with color look I love so much. Now what to do about my mirror?

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  1. Love the shower curtain. You asked about the mirror. My solution for a HUGE mirror we had in our last house was to paint a border on it. I laid out two rows of tape - different widths - used a use-on-anything primer and then spray painted the border! It looked great.