Sunday, July 17, 2011

the us/canadian border

so we just got back from a vacation we take every year to see my family in Idaho at a place called Sweetwater in Bear Lake. I have lots of fun moments to talk about but I'm exhausted from 14 hours in the car with 3 small of whom threw up a couple times and two 3 year olds who were not happy about not being able to run around...
but before I forget let me tell you the best story of the trip

 We're pros at going through the border I swear they know us now and just rush us right through..
but this time we go up give the man our passports
he asks the usual questions

 where are you going? utah do you live in calgary yes
what's the purpose of your visit family
why is there one us passport and the rest canadian? she married the Canadian and had little Canadians...
any fruits or veggies?
upwards of 10,000 in
can you roll the windows down so I can see the kids...

we roll down the windows
Harrison looks up from his coloring book
I want chicken fries dip and some coke
Brandon and I start dying with laughter
and your supposed to be serious at the border
oh well!
Hmmm maybe we've been to Mcdonalsds a little too much this trip.

We got extended family pictures taken.. by aya photography I think she is based out of logan utah and she is amazing and so cute and kind.
taking pics of my family isn't that easy!
So enjoy this cute one while I'm doing laundry 
and picking sand out of suitcases tonight


  1. Okay I just about died of laughter reading this post! I am still giggling thinking about it! Maybe Ill try that when we cross next week and see what they think! (Totally just kidding, they kind of scare me to death!) I can't wait to see more of your photos!!!

  2. hahahaha that made me laugh! and that is an adorable picture of your boys!!

  3. Love the photo! We were just in Bear Lake for a family reunion! I could definitely live there and drink raspberry shakes all day long, mmm. Looks like you guys had a great time too!