Friday, July 8, 2011

Maverick and Goose

Bree officially does the best birthday presents....ever..

For my 30th she outdid herself, flight lessons in a Cessna C-172. So on the 4th I actually got to fly the plane. Denton and I drove out to Springbank and met our co-pilot Chris.

Chris did all the technical stuff like make sure everything worked  talked to the tower for permission to go onto the runway and take off. He showed me stuff that he was doing but mostly I was just glad he knew what he was doing. I think Bree was even happier he was helping me.

So once we were out of the airport vicinity out around Brag Creek he let me take control. It is very cool to be able to go up and down left or right when ever you want. Where we went we didnt need roads.

Denton had head phones that did not work and he narrated the video for Bree. Since she was getting ready for the 4th of July party and is kinda scared ok freakishly crazy paranoid even in big airplanes she got Denton to go for her and to promise at least 10 good pictures and good video. He took his duties very seriously as you can tell in the picture, one of the 1o:

I can see why the government wants you to have a lot of hours practice before they just let you out there. I got a little lost after a few turns so when it came time to go back to the airport Chris had to show the way.

But we made it back and if only we had a couple hundred thousand dollars we could fly all the time. I'm saving my pennies. It would sure make trips to Utah faster and easier to do!

New for my christmas list: cessna C-172

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