Thursday, August 11, 2011

a little crazy busy latley

so the next couple weeks is going to be crazy..and has been crazy...In the space of 3 days we had something major every day.  1st-Family pictures with wendy and tyler from blue lily. They have become sweet friends to us..and it was so good to see them again. I love family pictures. They are so important to me.. I look at my walls on those harder days and realize they are blessings and they are teaching me lots about myself..and having those happy family pictures reminds me to breathe and take life one day at a time. And to enjoy the good amidst the chaos. Oh man getting my kids to stay clean for 15 minutes is scary..I totally feel like that episode of modern family and was secretly tempted to wrap them all in saran wrap for an hour.  So I rushed around to get props for our was a tad stressful..but all turned out in the end I think we have some hilarous shots of the kids..{hint it has to do with jones soda bottles }

The following day I planned a birthday party for a cute little girl named sun who turned 5..I'm glad I was there to help. and she was sooo beyond sweet. I love 5 year olds. I had 2 days to plan the whole thing.. which was a tad stressful..but also a fun challenge I had to use stuff local to I raided my house/winners and hit the farmers market I can always find stuff there. Packed 80 balloons in my car..thats a lot of balloons people! So despite the time constraints I have to say it turned out adorable..and of course I forgot my camera.. so I took some shot of my kids with the leftover balloons they were more than thrilled to help me out with those. Maybe sun's mom will have some cute pictures for me.
So basically we hired a magician and I set up a stage for him.. put bright colored blankets on the floor in rainbow colors for the kids.. with matching chairs and bright pillows...That was awesome the kids knew to sit there and they liked having there own little area...I made a cute table just for her with silhouettes and cute girly strong sayings...  for her cake and food to go on...I also made a rainbow fabric pennant some super cute linens..and it looked so bright and rainbow chic I loved it!  wanted it in my house!..and I'm really so sad I have no pictures!. 

Then I had a huge order for a boutique I sell at locally. It was an insane couple of days. This week...Is my sisters wedding.. which I have to drive down alone for because brandon got stuck at work ;(
Usually shell is a great companyto work for..they are just switching to a new trading system and the guys from Houston are up to teach nobody gets it off..even the guy who needs knee surgery! So we made her a special video presentation from Brandon that I'm so excited to post about after we get back.
I'm excited to go but I know theres always lots to do the week of...And at the end of my trip I have a photoshoot for the fashion show my shop will be in in september...called fabricated in calgary..So life is exciting..busy..and I'm so blessed to be able to be creative every day. 

I am looking forward to start working with Harrison and his therapists/teachers...
The time waiting for a spot has been brutal..I'm one of those get it done now type people so it helps me to stay busy so I don't have time to think about why its taking so long... September cant come quick enough. I'm excited to see him make leaps and bounds of progress..which he already has.. His speech has excelled lately..and his pretend skills are wonderful..something lots of kids on the spectrum struggle with. I feel the lord watching over us. It's true I see his hand in my life a lot more now and I truly live day to day. and for that I am grateful... that he's turning the thunderstorm into a rainbow and making me a much more compassionate person.

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