Wednesday, August 24, 2011

mequettes wedding and our girls road trip

My little sister Mequette got married this week to sweet Jenkin White.

 Brandon had to work...I know so sucky they were training all of the traders for a new program..and they had flown people from Houston up to Calgary to it was kindve a big he made a movie for them to say sorry which i will post later but anyways.. he said hed stay home with the boys while I just went with coco.. so thanks everyone who chipped in to watch them half days until Brandon got home..It was such a good break for me..One baby is so awesome ..I don't feel like I'm constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure everyone is in eyesight. and for everyone out there road trips one on one with your kids was so nice to give her all the attention. And I think she enjoyed being with her mommy. anyways to start off the long list of fun stuff we did here are some pics of the cute couple..
congrats guys I sure love you both.  

Oh and arn't their rain pictures awesome!  And her dress makes me drool. Thank heavens for a different dress than the traditional a line with beads..Sorry if you had that dress but I love to see ones that look different. I'm opinionated about weddings. One of the few things I will really speak my mind on.
  Oh..If anyone in logan utah needs a photographer aya off the hook amazing..that girl knows her lighting. Plus she was just super fun to hang out with... I have this bond with photographers we just happen to be friends at events like this..maybe I'm drawn to there flashy lights.

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  1. oh my gosh her dress is to die for!! i wish i had that as my wedding dress!