Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the journey to idaho/utah

 taylor and addie playing with there new doll coco
 mariah showing coco the kitty's..they won a couple animals at the fair that day they let the kids chase them in a big pen and if they catch them they can keep them! I'm loving that they have a town fair..they can even eneter artwork jams jellies salsa to be judged with cash prizes...such a fun sense of community...I love small towns.. I cant see you being able to bring your home made salsa to something to be judged and it being allowed in calgary without a permit or something. oh simple times

beautiful sunsets in trish yard overlooking the potatoe and wheat  and hay fields.

 she was so excited to run
 cocos new best friend..lee
 she loved him and became his little shadow
i'm a big girl up at the counter

out back by the looks like a barn..but apparently it's not I'm learning terminology

coco and mona smelling the pretty flowers

monas awesome garden she motivated me im doing this next year

Packing for utah is always interesting....radar detector..passports..a letter from brandon saying its ok to take coco across the border. dvd's,diapers wipes,,treats toys all within chucking distance so i dont have to stop to get her juice ect.... So we always stop in great falls montana and walk around sales tax and the closest target to my house in calgary..6 hours its always a welcome treat..they have a sonic there i always stop and get vanilla coke..soooo goood...then I drive past helena and fill up in butte because its another 3 hours until civilization....then we finally get to terreton..brandon grandparents and extended family live ther.. and I love them so much..not growing up with a big family or extended close's so fun to go there and feel like you have people everywhere. within 3 miles. Ad the first thing i can always see the stars..I miss that.Big cities are fun..but you miss peace quiet no traffic..and stars. So we hang out in Idaho where Brandons grandpa has a full on crush on coco. they were tight the whole time..and chloe loved exploring the house and the shed and the garden. So much room. And like I've said numerous times..I would move there if possible. I just love the spirit of love that little town has.

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