Wednesday, August 24, 2011

utah festivities

Cacias house all painted..her blog shows the transformation..this house guys was so beat down and needed love so bad..they have literally turned it upside looks awesome! for a house form the 40's. the house belongs to my grandpa and its located right next to trolly square in downtown salt lake..such a super fun place to live. there stuff going on all the time..this is also the house I grew up in until I was about 5.

 it's my birthday and I'm so excited! i love her face in this one

 were bff's
 evia and coco sharing the butterfly book

So before the wedding we had to do lots ...but we squeezed in a couple fun events like evias 2nd birthday. check out that sister rocks...I got evia some bedding for her big girl room and when she saw it she screamed OWLS YAY! sooo sweet i just love that girl. shes just like her aunt bree. loves sparklies and girlie stuff.. I see many a fun outing in our futures little one.

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