Friday, August 26, 2011

hanging out with my sista

 I love hanging out with my sister we always have a blast and we find the cutest nook and cranny stores when were together..we get brave and just try new places its very fun to be together I miss her so much. So she lives in downtown slc...and by trolly square they have mega antique stores..and repurposed vintage places..our fav...emily jane..its sorted by color..they had me at obsessed with color sorting. I know a little ocd..
 this desk almost came home with me i was this close! to caving in. And i had the room in my van :) I'm sure brandon wouldve been thrilled with me... he's a light traveler..i on the other hand tend to find treasures..I almost came home with a wagon as well..oh man if i lived down there it would be bad.. me and my sister would have to have our own store.
 in front of emily jane..if your in salt ake city its so worth checking out..trolly square..close to downtown.
 we went to lunch the girls fed each other it was hilarious they are already buddies at a year old.
 i think they look similar in this picture just different hair- chill in in their strollers getting ready to go to the gateway water fountains- theres a stor right in front of this called z gallerie...oh my heavens its the most amazing home decor store.. I flipped out and wanted to walk around for would be a great place to get filler for christmas urns..i bought an owl vase to replace my one the boys excited t ofind another one!
 evia loved the fountains coco wasnt too that girl maybe had one nap while we were down there..poor thing i made her party..I love that shes so cuddly at this stage..she lays her head on my shoulder and i just melt..i love having my little mini me- even if shes a clone of her dad and not me :)
I cant wait for another girls trip.. I'm definitely going to make this a yearly tradition.

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