Wednesday, October 19, 2011


was a tough day.. mdt meeting in the north I got lost and was so paranoid about looking at my gps because of teh distracted driving law....had to explain for an hour to people everything that harrison does socially how he deals with sensory problems speech ect .. I had to answer lots of hard questions to which i didnt know what they wanted to hear. In a huge boardroom with a lady on her laptop and 3 with notepads it felt a little intimidating. I got in my car after and just bawled not because I was necessarily sad.. but because I think my body needed it and I felt overwhelmed... do you ever just feel lonely.. I think I felt that today too. I'm glad it's over ...hopefully we get a spot soon and he gets lots of hours.  I talked to the ladies about making harrison the best harrison he can be to which their rebutle was you are a very mature 25 year old...made me think about how much I've grown this year.. Is this year over yet?

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  1. You are a very mature 25 year old! And you are just who Harrison needs and play the most important roll of advocate for your wonderful son. I'm with you a good cry is a needed release sometimes (any time really).