Monday, October 10, 2011

Best thanksgiving ever

I think Brandon and I just had the best canadian thanksgiving ever... I get restless sometimes..  I feel like I need to get away from the city and this weekend was one of those weekends.. I just wanted to be with brandon and the boys and miss coco.. so we drove to great falls mt- I love that about Brandon we can just randonmly go somewhere like it's no big deal. He's always up for an adventure.

 We decided to stayed overnight and swam in the hotel pool for a couple hours.. and to be honest it's the best thanksgiving Ive ever had... It made me thankful for my little family.. and that I was playing with them.. that I wasn't washing dishes or making a meal for 12 people.. or decorating a table.. sometimes simplifying can be exhilarating.. and I think I'll always have the memory of my three kids running down the hallway in swim gear sooo excited they cant just walk... they pounce and squeal with joy..... that right there... is where joy comes from simple moments in time when all is right with the world... and those moments give you strength to keep going..and you realize life is good. And we are blessed. And sometimes if you just slow down you are able to see your blessings so much more.

 So for our thanksgiving dinner... Sonic... Brandon and I both had vanilla coke it was funny because I remember looking at each other we both laughed and said this is awesome!

 After the pool we let the boys show us what they wanted for christmas.....we may have bought there christmas presents...montana has no sales tax so it's an awesome place to shop..the boys are smart though.. I didn't realize they figured out the stuff was in the back of the car.. but when we got back to calgary they both ran around to the back and said We're going to HELP MOM!...ummmmm what do I say?????? I guess I have to start being sneaky. anyways back to our day..

We got some ice cream at Baskins robins.. {anyone else think hard ice cream is so much better than soft?} {maybe I just miss working on a dairy farm.. or it's the lack of ice cream shops in canada..} Either way it was delicious..then we took our ice cream to a park we saw by the river.. after playing for a while we just took a random walk around great falls picked up pretty leaves, jumped on benches.. and as the kids walked in front of us just happy to be outside...Brandon grabbed my hand and we just walked hand in hand... and It felt so good and complete and happy.

It was so nice to go do something different and out of routine... and just seize a weekend and enjoy the fresh autumn air.

It will be a thanksgiving I wont forget.

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