Friday, November 11, 2011

miss coco pictures

so we had a free portrait session at walmart because we had to renew our kids I decided to have a little girl fun..dressed up coco and took some sweet pictures.. I think the lady thought I was crazy because I brought all these props into the walmart studio lol- I told her I didn't want the lame horrible fence backdrop and she kept wanting to give her this fake gerber daisy..uggh just listen to me lady..I said..just white neutral backgrounds she insisted I use one with fall background..really have you seen what shes dressed in..?...anyways at teh end of the session I thought these turned out cute and it was a fun dress up day. I love the one at the end where she is giggling- if you've ever heard chloe laugh.. she has the best laugh on the planet.. it sounds like elmer fudd-- not even joking- and i hope it never goes away. She also does this thing where she shrugs her shoulders and sparkles...blinks her eyes fast.. its so cute!!! I cant believe she's almost 2!


  1. these are soooo cute!! i'm glad you didnt do the fall background ;) haha!