Friday, December 16, 2011

do you?

Ever have those days where you wish you could start over...
clean slate
sparkly clean
or  do you wonder what kind of impact you've left on the world thus far
Am I enough
Can I do it
And you have no idea what your doing...
Or what to do with your life...
And you feel a little lost
Or do you wonder why life is so dang hard for good people
And you want the world to be a little brighter...
a lot brighter...
do you want your friends to stop hurting, there are so many people in my life right now with huge trials. HUGE ones.
I'm ready really ready for a new year,
New beginnings,
New persepctive,
More kindness
I'm ready to try new things,
Rediscover myself.
Speak my mind
 I'm ready for life to be peaceful
To enjoy outside
To read
To learn to paint
To arrange flowers.
To garden.
To Be a better mother than I was this year.
To Be a better wife sometimes I don't deserve my husband.
To Have more compassion and patience.
To Be a better friend.
To Breathe
To be healthy again
In essence it's time for some change. And it only took me a year to listen to my heart

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