Saturday, December 10, 2011

quirky festive christmas

not that I love color :) I know its super busy- but hey its christmas and only for a month- and my kids love all the crazy colors too. My fav is my chalkboard countdown- and i can use it for other holidays so versatile!- lots of my ornaments are vintage- or homeade by my kids- i love that they are a part of my tree.- I just strung ribbon down for some fun lines- I really wanted to make it ombre rainbow from top to bottom but didnt have enough green or blue ornaments to do it- and I really didnt want to buy more because I already have so many.- I bought birthday party paper and butcher paper for wrapping- its cheaper thsi time of year- because everyones buying the christmas stuff, and the top picture i have a bulletin board for all our christmas cards to get displayed...its feeling festive!

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