Tuesday, December 13, 2011

service day 13

So I always think about sick people around christmas But I guess being a kid who spent a lot of time as a kid in the hospitals when my sisters were sick maybe I just observed how hard nurses worked I appreciated them so much when I had both my c sections- I truly think nurses are so wonderful..so I decided instead of giving it to the people in the hospital- althoughalso a worthy cause, how about cheering up those who care soo much for others..so they can better serve those people they are helping, So after the boys went to school, I went to a hospice center and ...took them these babies.. Tim Bits-  aka doughnut holes.. from the famous Tim Hortons.. Its a canadian thing- If you've ever watched how I met your mother they talk about it lots when robin mentions canada..anyways they are amazing....So I ordered a couple boxes and some hot chocolate and took them into the center with coco-- I think they were a little confused they thought I was trying to give them to a patient..I just said no...they are for you..and the other nurses.. enjoy them and some hot coco merry christmas...the lady came around from the desk..and hugged me, then told me it had been a tough day and this was so sweet. I didn't hear details, but I did know that this seemed to brighten her da, and I left feeling lighter inside. I didn't have hands to take pictures so this image is off of internetland via here.

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  1. The amount of thought you put into each day of service amazes me! You aren't just doing the traditional route, you aren't taking the easiest route, you are thinking of those who could use cheer and delivering it! Thanks for being my personal example :)