Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I had to share these cool pictures from Helemans encampment that came off the church website- Brandon was able to be a youth leader and go to this cool was over 3 provinces( 3 states) full of young men,all coming to be closer to god and celebrate 100 years of scouting in Canada...the picture on the hill gives me chills, thinking about these young men,and how much they really are like Helamans stripling warriors. I love seeing activities like these, that are such spiritual uplifting wonderful programs. And how huge the scale of this was.. whoever was in charge of organizing all of this, ha done insane job, I remember when Brandon got home the first thing he aid was.. when we sat on the hill and listened to the fireside in the middle of the mountains.. I was kindve in awe to see so many men- it felt like an army, and the spirit was there. Pretty cool eh?

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