Friday, December 2, 2011

service day 2

I woke up this morning not quite sure what to do for our act of service...I gathered up packages to take to the post office and as I walked into sobeys there was this young lady maybe 16- asked if I would like to buy a poinsetta and she'd decorate it for me....usually I would've said sorry not today and gone crazily about my business. but I stopped for two seconds to talk to her...she told me the money was actually going to something good not just to sobeys..I'm not a fan of poinsettas ..because I like very unusual flowers...I do not like traditional flowers or christmas trees- don't ask me why I know im weird..but for some reason it spoke to me today and said warmth , love and cheer. 

Sooo I went to the post office and came back and said I'd love one... decorate it however you want to.. her face lit up.. she got to choose- I know what that feels like having someone say I trust you make something beautiful is a great feeling. The boys picked out the plant...and watched her wrap it.. they kept saying it looks like christmas mom! 

We then drove to one of our neighbors houses- I know they lost there job recently and they don't read this so we were safe :)  I let all 3 boys run it up to the door.. I had jett with me today hes hanging out while brooke gets the twins pictures taken..anyways watching all three boys run and drop it off was so funny and sweet.. they had fun I had fun...until tomorrow peeps.


  1. UMM watching Jett was a HUGE act of service for me too. I was so relieved that he could have something fun to do and not just be dragged around with the babies. PLUS a mental saver for me too. You are the best!

  2. What a sweet act of service! Not only did you help the young lady, you also cheered up a neighbor!