Sunday, December 4, 2011

service day 3 and 4

 Don't mind harrison's hair band he's kindve into nephites right now. And greyson would be naked every day if he could be.

 pigtail twins

So this weekend was crazy with holiday parties and stake conference- so for service- I baked tons of cookies for grandma, grandpa aunt brooke and mick.... who dosnt like cookies hot from the oven...

and when brandon went out to shovel the massive amount of snow we had accumulated last night.. he shoveled our neighbors..with help from the boys....and when they came in I made them extra extra special hot coco with whip cream and chocolate shavings..It felt good to do something extra special for my own boys..and make something thats a chore into something that made all 3 of my boys smile real big. Just shows that maybe our own family members need some extra tlc. We also got some cute pictures after the cookies of coco and granma being pigtail twins... and 4 best cousins watching twinkle twinkle and singing together--they love having cousins!

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  1. Macy loves that twinkle twinkle video too. She would watch it all day if I would let her.