Wednesday, December 7, 2011

service day 7

Superstore has greenery on sale right now it's 50 percent off- I guess they think everyone has already bought greenery for mantels and I saw these  gorgeous wreaths and decided to get 2- and go put them on random peoples doors..theres a lady that lives on my street that also has a child that goes to renfrew- her daughter has cerebral palsy- she dosn't know that I know she lives on my street- but I can see the bus stop..I have great admiration for her..not even knowing her personally. Her daughter always has sweet bows in her hair -you can tell that girl is so so loved.- so we snuck to her door and stuck a nice perty wreath on it..I think this has been my favorite one so far.- The other one- I just drove around and saw a mom unloading grocery's-after she went in I put one on her door- she looked like she was working hard- I promise I'm not a stalker..I just wasn't sure where to put the second one :)

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