Wednesday, December 7, 2011

service day 6

So I go to the post office every day sometimes I will go twice a day needless to say Ive gotten close with my postal workers..they even fudge my packages if they are close to 3cm- to be under because its a 5 dollar difference in prices of packages going to the states..Penny and Conchita work at the post office in sobeys- post offices are in grocery stores up here and open till 9 and saturdays its amazing! one of the awesome things about canada! They are so fun and nice- my kids loving to go visit them and its part of our daily routine to go to sobeys and say hi to penny and cheetah thats what my kids call her- my kids scream they get so excited to go say hi ...conchita drives from oktoks to get to work..and she is always smiling. Penny's grandkids live in newfoundland ,so she just loves getting to see coco every day. I thought that I'd bring them a little prize( some bath and body works lotion) for working so hard, the line up was crazy and my kids were nuts climbing in and out of the cart- everyone was trying to help me with all three kids and asking me how close they were in age are they triplets you have your hands full- all the normal twin comments..and I just wanted to say stop talking to me so I can get these mailed and talk to penny- and dont touch my kids Harrison loves to be hugged- but not handled by random strangers- I don't know anyone who likes that- I appreciate that she was trying to help- but she dosn't know the circumstances and it just made it worse so...-yes Harrison is getting in and out of the cart- but hes 4-he's safe on the edge of the cart.. I have it under control-  I'm just used to it...they probably weren't..with every three seconds making Harrison stay on the cart- telling coco not to hit her brothers she was tired and melting down- for greyson to stay by the cart not run away and take all the spiderman cards out of the card holders ect ect ect.. thats going to be a replay moment in heaven I tell you..and I kind've laugh at myself and go how did I stay so calm-- all the other people in line were freaking out for me I guess haa, anyways we brought them a little something to say thank you- penny smiled and said bree this made my day its been total chaos  and mean people all day..and theres been a line since before we opened..and while I was on my lunch break-oh man- so people- be nice to the post office workers- they work hard!!! I hear and see it first hand talk to them it makes a world of difference in their day.

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