Monday, December 5, 2011

service day 5

So for day 5 I decided to do teacher gifts- but extra blinged out with fresh greenery and fun tags/twine..and instead of just giving them to my boys teacher I'm making them for their bus driver and each of the aides in their classroom. These ladies are so amazing. I'm telling you those men and women who work with special need children have so much patience..and sooo much love in their hearts...they are my true heroes. The cute tags are from simplyrosieimages- you want some eye candy check out this shop.. she's the fabulous photog for some of my etsy shop pictures..and shes amazing!  I love the tags attatched to soap..And I just love bath and body works holiday soaps- makes my hand smell christmasie all I've been working on christmas urns..and I just love that smell of pine and cedar boughs. And preschool teachers need soap right?


  1. Haha. My guys teacher's and aides are getting anti-bac soap as well (like you said...what pre-K teacher doesn't need soap...a lot of soap!). I made little Christmas ornaments out of puzzle pieces to hang on them. Too cute! Great job!

  2. Love this! Special ed teachers are truly wonderful people. I have been blessed to work with some wonderful special ed preschool teachers and the love and devotion they have to the children they serve is simply amazing! How sweet of you to share your service with them :)