Saturday, March 31, 2012

abstract art class

My best friend Keshia and I took an abstract art class today by the lovely samantha da silva.
 At the calgary school of art.
I'm hooked. I love painting, I love acrylic. 
I will be taking the rest of these classes. Therapeutic beyond reason, quiet, fun. 
The thought behind my piece kind've started with me wanting to make a piece for my living room that would make me happy every time I saw it...  soetmes my house is chaotic..I knew I wanted color....something that evoked a great memory inside of me.

 It felt a little weird when the rest of the class except keshia and me....did brown. 
sometimes it make me doubt my style, but when I looked at it at the end..
 I realized it made me happy and thats all that mattered.
 It was so fun spending the day with my best friend.
 I laughed os hard and just really relaxed and had a blast.
I  painted with magenta fuschia orange aqua black navy blue and white.
I got to try plaster, gel, mixed media paper- even spilled lemonade on it on purpose.

I started by thinking of the happiest day of my life.
The day brandon proposed and we spend the whole day in disneyland together followed by an engagement and firework show at the castle. 
 the moment we were hooked on traveling the world together.
...and out of everything in this world
Traveling with my husband is my favorite thing in this entire world to do, 
and it's what makes me dream every day.

I'm still not finished with my painting, I'm still on phase two, so I will update when it's done. 
but... heres the before during and after of our workshop today.
I highly recommend taking an abstract class. especially if you love color.

 we were hyper... my face tells it all...
layer 1
 I wish you coul see al the texture that went into this.. ill have to take a macro shot when its all finished.
keshias is on the right.. would you believe hers started off yellow!

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